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Who made my clothes?

Moya Kala Produktion in Bulgarien

Who made my clothes? Who made my clothes? This question is the focus of Fashion Revolution Week, which is taking place this week. A worldwide movement that wants to point out the exploitation in the textile industry and promote the counter-movement SLOW FASHION. Fast fashion means fast, cheap and always changing collections! Among other things, this is at the expense of the workers in the industry.

Fast & cheap, why not?

Just last week we discussed our new collection in the team and defined the prices. Again and again we are faced with the question: How much can our product cost?

Is it too expensive? Will our customers buy it? The temptation to buy raw materials and labor cheaply in order to lower prices is great. But we know that it is not worth it in the long run. Someone in the value chain pays the price, whether it's the worker who doesn't get a fair wage, or the environment that is being destroyed because of all the overproduction, and pollution ourselves because the quality of the products has become so inferior that we can only wear a garment for one season at most before it has holes, the seam comes undone or loses its shape.

We say no, and that is why we are part of Fashion Revolution. We want all workers in the textile chain to receive a fair wage. We strive to ensure that our products are produced in a socially responsible way. We want overproduction and pollution to be kept within the limits that nature is still able to regulate and we want high quality clothes that we can, as was possible in the past, possibly still bequeath to our children.

We achieve this through control in our supply chain. Hard work, because to control this is very complex and becomes more difficult the further back we go in the processes. We often look to various certifications for guidance. But we know there are still many processes that remain in the dark, such as workers in logistics or in the cultivation of raw materials. However, we are still working on this and hope that it will soon be possible to illuminate all processes in a fully transparent manner.

But where we have a direct influence, we exercise it. Just a few weeks ago we were in Bulgaria and discussed our new products on site. We are pleased that our partner production in Bulgaria pays fair wages and has good-humored, long-term employees. There are about 15 seamstresses working on site, some of whom have already been working for the company for 26 years, and we always experience a family atmosphere on site.

Moya Kala Produktion in Bulgarien

Fashion Revolution Week

This week you can now participate in various online events of the Fashion Revolution Week:

There is also a Fashion Trail in Lucerne, where you can shop for sustainable labels in various stores. You can also find us in Lucerne, because we are in the pop up store of LU Couture in Hertensteinstrasse 27 until the end of June. Let us advise you and also have a look at the outlet on the lower floor. And of course it is also worth to have a look at the unique jewelry pieces of LU Couture.

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