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Cupro for the cuerpo ♡

Cupro für den cuerpo

Cupro - The luxury feeling

The first question to us is mostly: Wow, what kind of material is this?

Cupro, our fabric is also called vegan silk because it feels so velvety soft and has a cool effect. However, as soon as you slip into your favorite piece, you feel the temperature balancing properties. Similar to wool, cupro warms in winter and cools in summer.

Many women suffer from night sweats or even cold, which, among other things, also affects the quality of sleep. The right material on the skin is crucial and Cupro, with its special properties, is ideally suited for better sleep.

The material is also breathable, it transports sweat to the outside without getting wet and does not absorb odor. Cupro is very easy to clean and durable. If you hang it up to dry after the gentle wash cycle, there will be hardly any wrinkles, and if the velvety-soft fabric should ever become stiff, iron it and you'll be amazed at how quickly it feels soft again.

How often do we hear from our customers: "I only sleep in moya kala tights" or "I love the material, it feels so nice". We think so too.

What is cupro? ...and what makes it so special?

Cupro is a is a regenerated cellulose fiber produced in a highly toxic copper-ammonia solution. So harmful to humans and the environment that production was banned worldwide until recently. Then Asahi Kasei came along and optimized the process to the point of producing the raw material and chemicals in a self-contained water cycle, achieving almost complete recovery of all active ingredients used. For example, 99.9 percent of the copper is separated from the wastewater and recovered for the manufacturing process. The residues that remain in the water are so minor that they easily meet Japanese standards - and the Japanese standard is very demanding by international standards. The recovered fibers themselves are Oeko-Tex 100 certified and thus excellent as far as their skin compatibility is concerned. Our Cupro is even biodegradable and emits hardly any toxic substances in the event of combustion.

  • Cupro is super skin-friendly. The fiber feels like a second skin. Or even as if you were naked.
  • Cupro can absorb and release moisture via tiny waterways, creating a pleasantly cool, fresh feeling when worn.
  • The matte sheen of Cupro makes the fabric look classy and high-quality.
  • Nevertheless, the fiber is wrinkle-resistant and hard-wearing.

Our supplier in Italy processes the fibers into the pleasant fabric that we use for our loungewear collections. In Bulgaria the unique pieces are then sewn by women who receive a fair wage and have good working conditions. Cupro, yes it is just something special. We really fell in love with the fabric and the luxury to sleep. Maybe it's time again for a declaration of love to your body? Or to the body of a woman you love? Mother's Day is coming up... Do you already have something suitable for your mother? Why not order a suitable gift early? She'll definitely love it.

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Pop-up in Lucerne

Starting Thu. April 1, 2021, we will be at the pop-up at Hertensteinstrasse 27 in Lucerne for 3 months! Will we see you there? We would be happy to ♡

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