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Moya Kala stands for ethically and dignified produced lingerie & loungewear by women for women.

We create purist, aesthetic and durable lingerie with the main focus on high quality, sustainability and fairness throughout the textile chain.

For us, this means developing sustainable processes and being as considerate as possible to people and the environment, even within the textile chain.

High quality

Our products are timeless and versatile. This gives our garments added value and ensures that they can be worn for as long as possible.

Likewise, we use high-quality materials and attach great importance to good workmanship, so that our products become favorite clothes that you do not want to part with.


For our collections we use innovative and sustainable materials that protect the environment. Our main focus is on recycled fibers, because it makes more sense to use existing resources than to produce new ones.

We produce basic products, which are available for several years. We expand the collections with single styles or color updates to avoid unnecessary overproduction. Simple as that.


It is important to us that the workers in the textile chain are employed in a fair and socially responsible way. That's why we work with a small family-owned company where we can check the working conditions on site and have direct contact with the workers as well.

Due to the fast fashion industry, many customers are unfortunately no longer aware of what a garment costs. Find something about this in our blog post "Who made my clothes?".

But there is more behind Moya Kala than a fashion label! We have a mission: to empower women's dignity. #raisewomensdignity

Moya Kala means "my calla flower" in Bulgarian. The calla flower represents elegance, minimalism and dignity. Formerly used as a mourning flower, today it is celebrated at weddings as a flower of joy. This is exactly what we wish every woman: that she unfolds in her beauty and celebrates her body.

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