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All you need is less!

Hasn't this extraordinary time shown us that we actually need much less to live? It was a very special time that shook many people up or even shook them up. But to see the good in every challenge and in every new situation and to do the best, that is our motto! This year is again marked by a lot of uncertainty in the industry, with entire spring collections unsold in the stores. Does it make sense to continue producing as normal and flood the market? We think no! Even if it takes a bit of courage to say now that we are foregoing the next collection for the time being, we believe it makes sense and is the only right thing to do.

What we need the least now is MORE! More consumption, more spending, more merchandise... No, we want to take a short break, take a breath, reflect and become aware of what we or rather you as customers need! We now have a beautiful timeless assortment that appeals to many customers and we want to give the current collections time to arrive at the customers and collect the necessary feedback. Where can we improve, what is missing, what is redundant? And in the fall we are looking at an exciting collaboration with a major partner, so we want to use the time to prepare well for that.


And very importantly, MOYA KALA is represented in the following wonderful stores. Visit the wonderful boutiques and concept stores and let us advise you:

CIRCLE -The Sustainable Shop 8045 Zurich

CIRCLE -The Sustainable Shop 3011 Bern

Drunger & Drüber 4950 Huttwil

Ooid Store 4056 Basel

and soon also in Graubünden:

BRAIQ - Finest Lingerie 7017 Flims

We will inform you about new resellers on our website:


"When the wind of change blows, some build walls, others windmills." Proverb from China

Let's build windmills and harness the energy! Change is the only constant in life and that is where a big change has crept into my life (Claudine). In summer I can look forward to a double growth with my family and to a new phase in my life. Therefore I will step back as founder and use the coming time to find out how and to what extent I will still be personally active for moya kala. I am very happy that Tanja Milojevic, who has been part of moya kala since its foundation and has been employed since last fall, will take over the operational business. Until the end of the year she will have the capacity to continue the start up as before and then we will check how to proceed and what will also come out of the open doors. In any case, the online store will continue to be run by a dedicated team and also serve our resellers!

Mini collection for men

Already some weeks ago but still not to forget: We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your crowdfunding support and are happy to announce that the mini collection for men is already on its way to Switzerland. The products will be shipped this week or next at the latest, unless something unexpected comes up. We are looking forward to your feedback and will decide afterwards if we will add the series to our assortment or make improvements.

Shut Down Pornhub

After a restless night, I would like to briefly point out a petition that is very close to our hearts! We stand up for the dignity of women with moya kala and originally the vision of moya kala was born out of preventively protecting young Bulgarian women from forced prostitution with a job perspective. Now there is a petition (

demanding that Pornhub (largest porn provider) must shut down its site. Blick also reported about it yesterday:

Reasons for this petition:

  • The site is freely accessible to ALL, including children, right now in the Corona crisis. No registration needed, not even a confirmation that you are 18 years old, all for free!
  • Videos of child abuse, rape, racist videos and violent videos are accessible! You can search for them with the appropriate keywords! There was even the case of a three-year-old who was abused and filmed.
  • Journalists found dozens of such videos within a few minutes!
  • Victims of rape have found their videos on this platform and had to fight for months to a year to have them removed!
  • Mothers have found abuse videos of their abducted daughters on this platform!
  • Anyone can upload videos and make money! Pornhub states that every video is checked, but if you try it yourself the video is online right away! Either it is not checked or they want these rape videos on the site!
  • It is often not apparent whether it is a real rape or not. There is no information about the performers, how old they are or if they do it voluntarily!
  • On the petition website there are numerous media reports (Blick, The Guradian, BBC, Cosmopolitan, etc.) that report on this.

We ask you to join us in sending a signal that this platform must be closed, because the pressure of society is greater than the power of the largest porn provider. We know that this does not solve the problem, but it is a first step. So share the petition and spread it with us! THANK YOU

New company number and summer break

From now on we have a new company number: 076 295 31 71. We ask you not to use the previous number (079 261 02 07) anymore. Under this number you can reach us at moya kala. You can also contact us at any time via social media, WhatsApp or mail contact us. We are happy to be there for you.

Our warehouse will have limited availability from July 06 to August 10 due to vacation absences. During this time, orders will be shipped only once a week. You will find further information in our online store. All orders received before 02 July will be shipped with the code"free shipping" the shipping costs for free. So if you are still missing a favorite piece for the summer, which is finally coming, then do not miss the free shipping.

So, and now we wish you a wonderful week! Enjoy the sun's rays on your face, the perfect underwear on your skin and bubbling joy of life in your heart!

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